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Bike Storage Solutions

The Floaterhoist is a high quality ceiling-mounted bicycle hoist capable of storing a bicycle safely in a horizontal orientation against any ceiling. It is designed to get bikes up and out of the way in homes or apartments where storage room is an issue.  Three independently controlled rope and pulley systems attach to three points on a bicycle’s frame. The high level of control afforded by this system allows a bicycle to be pulled up in very close proximity to the ceiling. The ropes are safely locked by proven Clamcleat® ropecleats which won’t allow the bike to drop.  The lowest point on the bicycle (typically the end of the handlebar) will be no more than 580 mm (23”) from the ceiling surface.  Available now in either White or Black colour versions.

  • The ORIGINAL horizontal bike storage hoist.

  • 2:1 Mechanical advantage for easy lifting.

  • Max. Load 25 kg (55 lb), Max. Ceiling Height 3 m (10 ft).

  • Slings provide gentle support to the bicycle's frame.

  • Installs on solid wood joist or concrete ceilings.*

*IMPORTANT!:   This product requires installation by a person who is qualified to complete the steps outlined in the instruction manual and ensure the product is safe prior to its use.  Failure to do so can cause serious injury and death.

Instruction Manual

Instruction Video

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